Niksa is a group of independent journalists and filmmakers.

It was created in 2016 by Nicolas Soldeville and Sarah Claux.

We seek to open ourselves to the world and is wealth, talk about Men and it's diversity, it's complexity and is creativity,  to think about progress and conflict and draw the portrait of a society in motion, complex and at the meantime fascinating.

Our first documentary Graffiti men Beirut (teaser below) is a 4 month immersion into the street art Lebanese scene. Without voice-over, we choose to let the artists talk about their feelings for the Beirut graffiti scene. 

The documentary is actually  touring various upcoming festivals (diffusions dates below) in France and around the world.

We also have the following projects under creation : 

  • Petrichor, a Nepali community in India

  • Between France and Syria


We would be delighted to talk more about our projects may you be interested, so feel free to contact us!

Graffiti Men Beirut.


Graffiti Men Beirut is a 52min-long documentary shot between November 2016 and July 2017. 


The documentary was shot during four months of total immersion in the Lebanese street art scene. We chose not to include any voice-over, thus enabling the artists to fully express their perception. Their records will be livened up by testimonies of a historian, a journalist and other actors of the Lebanese culture.


We are currently post-producing a series of short portraits of each of the characters.

Documentary synopsis

Torn between the West and the East, Lebanese graffiti artists reproduce their European and American models' heritage and adapt it to their contemporary issues by stepping aside from the established image of street art. The fundamental concern remains the same, only the context changes: try and forget the war, the refugee crisis, the lack of political attention, unemployment, and the struggle against freedom restriction.


In the country of cedar trees, this new movement in street art gives a fresh voice to a youth who has long been ignored by its nation.

Since the birth of the graffiti scene these artists no longer fear to publicly condemn their elders' conservatism. They feel responsible for expressing a generation's frustration with this new way of expression, which is often used to relay strong messaging of discontent. While facing their families and communities daily pressures, graffiti artists challenge social constraints and express their thirst for independence, and their desire of freedom and individualism.


In France, it is common to hear people saying "This is Beirut", a pejorative expression describing chaos and lack of organisation. Through this documentary, we wanted to show the face of the real Beirut and its society, far from the popular misconception.


How can a part of the Beiruti youth envision being seen and recognised as artists in 2017? This 52min long documentary will help us answer this question, through the eyes of street art figures such as Fish, Eps, Phat2, Exist, the Bros Crew, Moe, Spaz, Barok, Rile, Chyno, Jnoud Beirut and Mad Prophet.

Niksa in the medias.

Carpe Diem

18 May 2018

French Press

Journées du Liban à Paris.

Graffiti men Beirut par Sarah Claux et Nicolas Soldeville


Les Clefs du Moyen Orient

04 Apr 2018

French Press


Compte rendu du documentaire "Graffiti men Beirut" de Sarah CLAUX et Nicolas SOLDEVILLE 

Projeté lors du Panorama des Cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen Orient.


France Soir - Maxime Macé

25 Mar 2018

French Press


"Graffiti Men Beirut": un documentaire sur les traces des graffeurs libanais



28 Sep 2017

Lebanese Press

Les 5 éléments - Graffiti men Beirut


Emission Alive - Top stories - MTV Liban

23 Jul 2017

MTV Lebanon

Interview de Sarah Claux, co-réalisatrice, pour l'emission Alive sur le documentaire Graffiti Men Beirut.

Article dans l'Orient Le Jour - Anais Delmas

19 Jul 2017

Lebanese Press

"Qui sont ces graffiti Men qui dessinent sur les murs de Beyrouth?"


Le Petit Journal

19 Jul 2017

French Press

GRAFFITI MEN BEIRUT – Un documentaire sur l’art de rue au Liban.


Emission Yawm Jdid - OTV Liban

18 Jul 2017

OTV Lebanon

Interview de Sarah Claux, co-réalisatrice de Graffiti Men Beirut (voir 58min46s).

Emission Hashtag - What's happening - MTV LIBAN

18 Jul 2017

MTV Lebanon

Interview de Sarah Claux, co-réalisatrice de Graffiti Men Beirut.


Journal national - Future TV Liban

14 Jul 2017

Futur TV Lebanon

Projection privée à l'Institut français de Beyrouth pour validation par les artistes avant la diffusion officielle.  (Voir 52:36min). 

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The Team

Réalisatrice  Journaliste
Réalisateur Cadreur

Niksa production is the result of an encounter between Nicolas Soldeville; traveler who loves to discover the world and its hidden beauties, and Sarah Claux, world journalist, who loves paying attention and digging into to singular, but under the spot lights topics.

After having traveled the world, we both needed to bring something back with us, so we decided to start writing and realising documentaries.. that's how Graffiti Men Beirut was born.

In 2018 our team grow with: 


-Léa Couronneau-Friedrich, journalist, JRI and redactor. 


- Maxime Macé, indépendant journalist specialized in questions liked with terrorisme and conflicts in the Middle-East (mostly Syria). He's been during three years second chef-redactor at France-Soir where he was in charge of international themes.


- Sandra De Almedia, JRI, Post Production.

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Sarah CLAUX :

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